Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris (book 1 A Southern Vampire)

Dead.Sookie Stackhouse is just a small-time cocktail waitress in small-town Louisiana. Until the vampire of her dreams
walks into her life-and one of her coworkers checks out….
Maybe having a vampire for a boyfriend such isn’t such a good idea.

My Review **** Sookie is a waitress waiting for something to happen since her parents are dead. She lives with her grandmother and has a brother Jason. Her boss Sam like Sookie a whole lot. After so many deaths including her own grandmothers murder, Sookie, finds comfort in a vampire who just happens to walk into the bar she works in. Bill, is indebt to Sookie after she saves him from almost being completely drained of all his blood and left to shrivel up.  With her brother up on murder charges after one too many girlfriends coming up dead, Sookie has to save him and find out who the true killers really are.


About the Author:Charlaine Harris (born November 25, 1951 in Tunica, Mississippi) is a New York Times bestselling author who has been writing for over twenty years. She was raised in the Mississippi River Delta area. Though her early works consisted largely of poems about ghosts and, later, teenage angst, she wrote plays when she attended Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee. She began to write books a few years later.
After publishing two stand-alone mysteries, Harris launched a lighthearted series “starring” Georgia librarian Aurora Teagarden, with Real Murders, a Best Novel nominee for the 1990 Agatha Awards. Harris wrote eight Aurora titles. In 1996, she released the first of the much darker Shakespeare mysteries, featuring the amateur sleuth Lily Bard, a karate student who makes her living cleaning houses. Shakespeare’s Counselor, the fifth–and last– was printed in fall 2001.
After Shakespeare, Harris created The Sookie Stackhouse urban fantasy series about a telepathic waitress who works in a bar in the fictional Northern Louisiana town of Bon Temps. The first of these, Dead Until Dark, won the Anthony Award for Best Paperback Mystery in 2001. Each book follows Sookie as she tries to solve mysteries involving vampires, werewolves, and other supernatural creatures. The series, which now numbers nine titles, has been released worldwide.
Sookie Stackhouse proved to be so popular that Alan Ball, creator of Six Feet Under, announced he would undertake the production of a new show for HBO based upon the books. He wrote and directed the pilot episode for that series, True Blood, which premiered in September of 2008. It was an instant success and was quickly picked up for a second season.
In October 2005, Harris’s new mystery series about a young woman named Harper Connelly debuted with the release of Grave Sight. Harper has the ability to determine the cause of death of any body. There are now three Harper titles (GRAVE SIGHT, GRAVE SURPRISE, AN ICE COLD GRAVE) with a 4th (GRAVE SECRET) to be released in 2009.
Harris has also co-edited three very popular anthologies with her friend Toni L.P. Kelner. The anthologies feature stories with an element of the supernatural, and the submissions come from a rare mixture of mystery and urban fantasy writers.
Professionally, Harris is a member of the Mystery Writers of America and the American Crime Writers League. She is a member of the board of Sisters in Crime, and alternates with Joan Hess as president of the Arkansas Mystery Writers Alliance. Personally, Harris is married and the mother of three. She lives in a small town in Southern Arkansas and when she is not writing her own books, she reads omnivorously!






The Quiet Game by Greg Iles

ILESWhen former prosecutor Penn Cage returns to his hometown of Natchez, Mississippi, he doesn’t find the peace he desperately craves. He finds that his own father is being blackmailed by a corrupt ex-cop. And when Penn investigates, he uncovers a murderous secretand the small town’s violent past.

The Review: **** Penn Cage, decides to move back home after the death of his wife, he feels it would be a help to his young daughter. Penn, is quickly realizing his leaving years ago he’s sort of  a hometown hero and everyone is looking to shake the authors hand and see what Penn has been up too. Seems there’s a few secrets stirring about the town of Natchez, Mississippi. He finds out the towns honorable doctor is being blackmailed, which is his own loving father. Penn, is not looking for love, but wants to save his families good name and spare his father from a town that he hopes will stand behind him. He runs into great friends who are willing to poke their noses in to others business to help him get to the bottom of things. With shots being fired, kidnapping, burning buildings and a Kate who just might make Penn realize he is still a man, he finds help and solace with the newspaper editor of the towns paper. Or will Kate get fired by her own father who owns the paper. You will soon find out who are friends and shady people who have lived in the quiet town for decades, just how far some are willing to lose or win.

About the author Greg Iles:Greg Iles was born in 1960 in Germany where his father ran the US Embassy medical clinic during the height of the Cold War. After graduating from the University of Mississippi in 1983 he performed for several years with the rock band Frankly Scarlet and is currently member of the band The Rock Bottom Remainders. His first novel, Spandau Phoenix, a thriller about war criminal Rudolf Hess, was published in 1993 and became a New York Times bestseller. Iles went on to write ten bestselling novels, including Third Degree, True Evil, Turning Angel, Blood Memory, The Footprints of God, and 24 Hours (released by Sony Pictures as Trapped, with full screenwriting credit for Iles). He lives in Natchez, Mississippi.











The Secret History By Donna Tartt

tarttUnder the influence of their charismatic classics professor, a group of clever,eccentric misfits at an elite New England college discover a way of thinking and living that is a world away from the humdrum existence of their contemporaries. But when they go beyond the boundaries of normal morality their lives are changed profoundly and forever, and they discover how hard it can be to truly live and how easy it is to kill.

My Review ***** This is a stunning work of a literary novel. I devoured this book in just two days. The characters in the book a rightfully endearing, very entertaining, that will have you swept away in the pages in no time. The professor is a delightful secretive person, who shares little with his students he seems to harbor for his own accord and doing. Donna Tartt, writes with such charisma and grace, she should be on every bookshelf in the world.

About the Author ;Donna Tartt was born in Greenwood, Mississippi and is a graduate of Bennington College. She is the author of the novels The Secret History and The Little Friend, which have been translated into thirty languages. Donna Tartt, winner of the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for her most recent novel, The Goldfinch, established herself as a major talent with The Secret History, which has become a contemporary classic.




Crime Buff’s Guide To Outlaw Arizona By Ron Franscell

outlawOUTLAW ARIZONA continues the popular series that critics, true-crime fans, historians and travelers have hailed as “the ultimate guilty pleasure,” “thorough and unflinching,” and “the best damn crime travel series ever published!” This rollicking romp across the historic Arizona crimescape promises all the can’t-look-away allure of its predecessors … and a few surprises! This is a trip to the Grand Canyon State’s darker side, where seemingly idyllic places reveal secrets: the compound of a child-molesting polyganist, the scene of a 19th century mass murder, the spot where John Dillinger was arrested for the last time, the scene of Billy the Kid’s first killing, and many more. With photographs, maps, directions, and precise GPS coordinates, this collection of outlaw tales is both a travel guide and an entertaining and enlightening read.

My Review: *****  This is a excellent book to take with you. It’s filled with great knowledge for any traveler or a person who loves history of states. Ron, even adds the GPS locations to help you find the sites to track down so much easier. How can you go wrong with that. Ron also makes you feel like your on the journey with him. The pictures are a wonderful add too.

About The Author:

Ron Franscell’s writing has been compared to Truman Capote, Charles Frazier and Robert Olen Butler — diverse, poetic, evocative and muscular.

This lifelong newspaperman burst onto the literary scene in 1998 with his first novel ANGEL FIRE, a poignant, mythic tale of two brothers wrestling with personal ghosts in the small town where they grew up. ANGEL FIRE was subsequently named among the San Francisco Chronicle’s 100 Best Novels of the 20th Century West.

After his 1999 mystery, THE DEADLINE, Ron became a senior writer for the Denver Post, writing about the entangled past, present and future of the American West. Now out-of-print, THE DEADLINE and its sequel, THE OBITUARY, are available as Kindle ebooks.

In 2008, his first nonfiction, THE DARKEST NIGHT, won rave reviews from true-crime legends Ann Rule, Vincent Bugliosi and Gerry Spence. The book explored a monstrous crime against two of Ron’s childhood friends in the small town where they grew up, and how that crime has echoed across almost four decades. It is now a national bestseller.

SOURTOE COCKTAIL CLUB is an intimate account of Ron’s extraordinary road trip to the Yukon with his son, where they drank a cocktail containing a mummified human toe and spent the longest day of the year under an Arctic sun that never set. Magical.

THE CRIME BUFF’S GUIDE TO OUTLAW TEXAS (November 2010) is a quirky travel guide taking true-crime and history travelers to some 400 outlaw- and crime-related sites all over the Lone Star State. The series continueD with OUTLAW ROCKIES (2011), and OUTLAW DC (2012), and OUTLAW PENNSYLVANIA (2013). OUTLAW NEW MEXICO and OUTLAW ARIZONA are coming in Summer 2014.

DELIVERED FROM EVIL explores the entangled lives of mass-murderers and their victims, tracing the lives of 10 ordinary people who survived some of America’s worst massacres. Auspiciously, it debuted on the day a deranged young gunman killed six and wounded 13 at a Tucson supermarket in one of the most shocking crimes of our day.



A Dollhouse To Die For (Book 2 A Deadly Notions Mystery) Cate Price

ImageDaisy Buchanan thinks of her shop, Sometimes a Great Notion, as more than just a business. For her, it’s a haven of vintage sewing notions and other treasures, excellent coffee, and camaraderie. But when an antique dollhouse provokes some bizarre behavior on the part of a customer, Daisy makes it her business to find out what secrets are hidden behind its tiny doors…
At an estate auction, Daisy is delighted to find the perfect present for a young girl she knows—a charming dollhouse in need of restoration. But when local collector Harriet Kunes tries to strong-arm Daisy into selling it, she’s in for a shocking—and deadly—surprise.
After an intruder breaks in and tries to steal the dollhouse, Daisy wonders why everyone has developed such an obsession over it. As she builds her collection of clues, she suspects that the miniature Victorian holds the key to a second unsolved murder, and soon she stumbles across much more than she bid on…

My review : 4 stars.. I think I liked this book so much better, twists and turns. There was more details into the life of the so handsome Detective Tony Serrano. The other great about this book besides the loveable characters is the information the story line details about the history and advice it gives you on the hobby of dollhouses. I really wanted to see if I could do one for my own granddaughter. I also love the antiquity of the atmosphere of the collections and the store. The mystery story was amazing, in that you gave a evil eyebrow while you were reading wondering just who it was. There also is a great feeling and friendship with the trust Daisy has for her friends. and the romantic close love she has for her husband.

About the Author :

Cate Price is a regular sight on the streets of her home town walking her two amazing rescue dogs, and enjoys gardening, antiquing, and cooking with friends. She is a member of Sisters in Crime and Romance Writers of America.

Writing this debut novel proved to be rather an expensive project, because while researching auction houses, she also became addicted to bidding on box lots.

GOING THROUGH THE NOTIONS is the first in the Deadly Notions Mystery series published by Berkley Prime Crime. A DOLLHOUSE TO DIE FOR is slated for release on May 6, 2014 and Cate is hard at work on the third book in the series.

She loves to connect with friends at her website,, via email to or on Facebook at

Going Through The Notions (Book 1 A Deadly Notions Mystery) Cate Price

ImageA retired schoolteacher—and yes, daughter of an F. Scott Fitzgerald fan—Daisy Buchanan has finally found her calling in the quaint village of Millbury, Pennsylvania. While her husband endlessly renovates their old house, Daisy happily presides over Sometimes a Great Notion, a quirky shop that sells sewing bits and bobs, antiques, and jewelry.
Daisy has her eye on an antique dollhouse and a classic Singer Featherweight at the local auction—until her friend and mentor, auctioneer Angus Backstead, is led away in handcuffs. It appears he bashed in the head of a drinking buddy who stole a set of fancy fountain pens. Daisy’s sure the sprightly old-timer couldn’t have done it. But if Daisy can’t stitch together the bidder truth—and soon—Angus will be going once, going twice… gone forever.

My Review : 4 star: Going Through The Notions, is a quirky 283 page book that will have you turning the pages faster then the bodies are being found.  Daisy, is in the drivers seat leading her friends in a fast paced thrill ride.  She is truly a dedicated friend as she tries to save her friend Angus from a life in prison. Grab this series, there is more fun and sleuthing outside her store.

About the Author: 

Cate Price is a regular sight on the streets of her home town walking her two amazing rescue dogs, and enjoys gardening, antiquing, and cooking with friends. She is a member of Sisters in Crime and Romance Writers of America.

Writing this debut novel proved to be rather an expensive project, because while researching auction houses, she also became addicted to bidding on box lots.

GOING THROUGH THE NOTIONS is the first in the Deadly Notions Mystery series published by Berkley Prime Crime. A DOLLHOUSE TO DIE FOR is slated for release on May 6, 2014 and Cate is hard at work on the third book in the series.

She loves to connect with friends at her website,, via email to or on Facebook at

Hanging By A Hair (Bad Hair Day Mystery #11) By: Nancy J. Cohen

ImageMarla’s joyous move to a new house with her husband, Detective Dalton Vail, is marred by their next-doorneighbor who erects an illegal fence between their properties. When Dalton reminds the man of the local permitting laws, tempers flare–and worse, the neighbor is found dead the following day. Dismayed when Dalton is removed from the case due to a conflict of interest, Marla decides it’s up to her to find the killer. Can the intrepid hairstylist untangle the clues and pin downthe culprit before he strikes again?


My Review: A total 4 star!!!

 This is the first book I have read in the series. I found it to be delightful. Marla and her family are just fun people. Easy read you can just jump right into. I didn’t know the “who dun it ” til the very end. I love this aspect of a book that just keeps your interest while you keep reading. Nancy Cohen is a wonderful story teller and I can’t wait to go back and read book one.

About the Author: Nancy J. Cohen is an award-winning author of romance and mysteries. Her humorous Bad Hair Day mystery series features hairdresser Marla Vail, who solves crimes with wit and style under the sultry Florida sun. Several of these titles have made the IMBA bestseller list. Hanging by a Hair is the eleventh book in this series.
Nancy’s imaginative romances have also proven popular with fans. Her titles in this genre have won the HOLT Medallion Award and Best Book in Romantic SciFi/Fantasy at The Romance Reviews. Warrior Prince and Warrior Rogue are the first titles in Nancy’s paranormal Drift Lords series. Coming next is Warrior Lord from The Wild Rose Press.
Active in the writing community and a featured speaker at libraries and conferences, Nancy is listed in Contemporary Authors, Poets & Writers, and Who’s Who in U.S. Writers, Editors, & Poets. Nancy belongs to Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, Romance Writers of America, Novelists, Inc., and International Thriller Writers

Resurrection Row By Anne Perry


Lord Fitzroy-Hammond of Resurrection Row has been dead and buried three weeks when he turns up sitting atop a hansom cab. Grave robbing, though a crime, isn’t Inspector Thomas Pitt’s usual fare. But when the macabre joke is repeated, and the man’s corpse is found sitting in the family pew the Sunday following his second interment, Pitt begins to wonder if perhaps there’s some message in it. The case grows increasingly bizarre as other disinterred bodies appear.
A new mother, Charlotte Pitt only takes a cursory interest in the grave robbing case until she hears Thomas mention the name of her late sister’s husband, Dominic Corde, as a possible suspect. As Pitt follows leads into the slums and rookeries, Charlotte, too, is drawn into the politics and horrors of greed and exploitation.
For Pitt and Charlotte, what begins as a mysterious case of musical corpses, becomes a deadly pursuit through the London underworld of pornographic photographers, brothels, and sweatshops
My Review: 4 star.  This series just brings a smile to my face. I love the fact that I can feel like I’m in Victorian times. The descriptions of the surroundings, their clothes and the atmosphere is purely splendid. Anne Perry brings a up close and personal view of the past era. The mystery and sleuth finding will keep you turning the pages.
About the author:Anne Perry is the bestselling author of two acclaimed series set in Victorian England: the William Monk novels, including Dark Assassin and The Shifting Tide, and the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt novels, including The Cater Street Hangman, Calandar Square, Buckingham Palace Gardens and Long Spoon Lane. She is also the author of the World War I novels No Graves As Yet, Shoulder the Sky, Angels in the Gloom, At Some Disputed Barricade, and We Shall Not Sleep, as well as six holiday novels, most recently A Christmas Grace. Anne Perry lives in Scotland.

The Adventures of Sheriff Williker By Kim Hansen

Product DetailsA missing horseshoe for a prize winning horse…a set of mysterious footprints…suspicious looking characters… Up against time, Sheriff Williker is called in to find the missing horseshoe for a prize winning horse before tomorrow’s big race. Follow the Sheriff, as he unravels the clues to solve his first case. “The Case of the Missing Horseshoe” is a colorful picture book with adorable forest animals representing the town’s people. The reader will be introduced to Sheriff Williker, Mrs. Williker, Mr. Drexel (the town’s blacksmith), and other lively characters throughout this new series of picture books. Each book will take you on a new adventure and every story has a moral. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kim Hansen is an author/writer/illustrator of a NEW series of children’s books titled THE ADVENTURES OF SHERIFF WILLIKER, inspired by her childhood memories growing up in a small community in Dickinson County located in northwest Iowa. Her grandparents lived in Superior, Iowa, where Kim spent most of her childhood days. Her grandpa was a US Marshal. Kim Hansen is also a talented artist/muralist. She owned and operated Custom Murals & Designs from 2002 through 2012. Her work has been showcased throughout Colorado, Florida and Arizona. In 2009, Kim began working on true crime book projects as an investigative researcher with self-published authors Sherrie Lueder, John Hansen, Jill Hansen Smith and Tyson Wrensch. Both books, “He Killed Our Janny” and “Until Someone Gets Hurt”, became best sellers on Amazon, Kobo and iTunes. In January 2014, combining her talents as an investigative researcher and muralist, Kim set out to accomplish her dream of writing and illustrating a series of children’s books. THE INSPIRATION BEHIND THE ADVENTURES OF SHERIFF WILLIKER: The Adventures of Sheriff Williker was inspired by Kim’s childhood memories growing up in a small community in northwest Iowa. She named the sheriff after a saying her mom often said, ‘gee whiz willikers!’ Her grandparents lived in a very small town, Superior, Iowa, and were the picture perfect ‘Norman Rockwell’ grandpa and grandma. Her grandpa was a U.S. Marshal and her grandma was the town’s ‘doctor’. Kim would sit and listen for hours with amazement at the stories they would tell her of the early days. Her grandma would say, “long before there were automobiles our mode of transportation was a horse and buggy–a kerosene lamp lit our way.” Her grandma made house calls to deliver babies, many times traveling in freezing temperatures through snowdrifts. When Kim was sick, her grandma would always make her feel better by giving Kim one of her homemade remedies–warm lemon juice, honey–and lots of love! READ THE FULL STORY by visiting Kim Hansen’s FACEBOOK fan page:

My Review: 4 stars.. This is a beautiful story for children of all ages. The illustrations that the author did are bright and beautiful to attact all children. A fun and easy read, with a great story line. This is the first book to the series of Sheriff Williker.

About the Author:Kim Hansen is an Amazon bestselling author, writer and illustrator of THE ADVENTURES OF SHERIFF WILLIKER, a NEW series of children’s picture books, ages 4-8. She believes every child should be read to. THE ADVENTURES OF SHERIFF WILLIKER was inspired by Kim’s childhood memories growing up in a small lake community in Dickinson County located in northwest Iowa. She was born in Estherville, Iowa, lived in and around the Lakes Region, attended Lake Park High School, and Iowa Lakes Community College. Her grandparents, on her mother’s side, lived in Superior, Iowa, where Kim spent most of her childhood days–and the place where she draws from her imagination and inspiration. Her grandpa was a U.S. Marshal–her inspiration for Sheriff Williker–whom Kim named after a saying her mom often said, ‘Gee whiz willikers!’. Kim is also a talented artist/muralist. She owned and operated Custom Murals & Designs from 2002 through 2012. Her work has been showcased throughout Colorado, Florida, and Arizona. In 2009, Kim became involved in true crime book projects as an investigative researcher with self-published bestselling authors, Sherrie Lueder, John Hansen, Jill Hansen Smith, and Tyson Wrensch. Both books, HE KILLED OUR JANNY: “A Family’s Search for the Truth, and UNTIL SOMEONE GETS HURT,” became bestsellers on Amazon, Kobo and iTunes. In January 2014–combining her talents as an investigative researcher and muralist–Kim set out to accomplish her dream of writing and illustrating a series of children’s books, THE ADVENTURES OF SHERIFF WILLIKER. Book No. 1 (English Edition)was released on March 10, 2014, and became an immediate bestseller on Amazon’s Top 100 Books [Large Print] Children’s Books, and #2 in Hot New Releases in Children’s Books.

Brilliant Disguise: A Charlie McClung Mystery By: Mary Anne Edwards

Brilliant Disguise: A Charlie McClung MysteryAbout the book :Detective Charlie McClung no longer finds his job fulfilling and has given up finding that “someone” his granny promised he would find. So he leaves behind the big city and his close-knit family and takes a job in a small town police department in Georgia, resigned to live a quiet life in solitude.

Things change when he meets Marian Selby while investigating the mysterious death of her best friend. But Marian swore never to love again after the death of her husband 11 years ago. What seems to be a suicide turns into a tangled web of deceit, corruption, and complicated shadows.

Can the two of them come to grips with their feelings for each other before the killer closes in on them?

My Review: This is a great first book to the McClung Series. Mary Anne Edwards, hold you captive page after page. It took only a day to read this book. Marian Selby is the friend and neighbor everyone wants living next door to them. Detective Charlie McClung, has his hands full with a case that he lets Marian jump in to help, what a match made for the detective when he starts having feelings for the 40 year old stunning beauty Marian.

About The Author: This is Mary Anne Edwards first book in the series.  Born in Mercedes, Texas, she has lived in Georgia most of her life which has been filled with a variety of experiences. Some were great and some, well let’s just say she has learned many lessons the hard way.

She’s active in Sisters in Crime Atlanta Chapter and sit on the advisory board of Rockdale Cares, Inc., a non-profit advocacy group for the developmentally challenged.

She began writing in high school but not seriously until 1999. I write traditional mysteries and my biggest influences are Agatha Christie, Anne Perry, Caroline Graham, Elizabeth Peters, and my family.

You can find Mary Anne Edwards book on B&N on the web, Goodreads, and Amazon.