Book Policy

 What is your review policy?

A: I am not compensated for my reviews in any way. I will accept books from publishers or authors in exchange for an honest review of the material. A great majority of the books I review are Mystery, True Crime or YA books, or books that would appeal to YA’s, though I often read adult non-fiction. I primarily read and review , Mystery and True Crime. but I often read outside of those genres to broaden my horizons as a professional.

If possible, I prefer a hard copy of a book for review.

I accept  review copies for books that I feel I will be able to read in a timely fashion. I will always give a fair, professional, honest review of all materials I review on this blog.

If I can I will give notice to the Author of the book, I’m about to start, just in case I have any questions during the read. In most cases, I can finish the book in a few days. I will then If possible, contact the author to let them know the review has been done, and ready for post.

Beta reviews?

I do Beta reviews also.  I will only except a full book . Reason for this is because, I do read other books for reviews. I don’t want a author having to wait on me to get to theirs.


Also note: Any books received from a publishing company will get full attention and will be started as soon as the book is received.


One thought on “Book Policy

  1. Thank you for this info. I’m a new author and reviews are so important. Thank you for providing this service. When I finally finish my book, I’ll contact you to inquire about your availability/interest 🙂
    I’m in paranormal/romance… 🙂

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