Writes Of Passage Edit Edited by Hank Phillippi Rayan

writes of passageThe path of a writing career can be rocky and twisty and full of dead ends. But it’s also well-traveled-and in Writes of Passage, fifty-nine mystery authors offer the secrets that helped them navigate their success. When you’re in need of an author’s roadmap, “pick up this book,” as Hank Phillippi Ryan says in the introduction. “Open it to any page. The sisters of SinC have shared their personal journeys-and they have many tales to tell.” These tales reveal the “Writes of Passage” every author encounters, and Sisters in Crime hopes these beautifully told experiences will guide you along your way.

Writing stories for books, no matter what the genre is can be a very scary thing, Writes Of  Passage hand you the fabulous Sisters In Crime. SinC as they are called amongst themselves and those who know them. The experiences told by almost 60 of these very talented artists, will leave an impression on anybody who either reads or wants to write. This was a very easy book to just fall into and sit and read for a few hours. The ladies pretty much pour their heart and soul out telling about what scared them or helped them the most. This is a very close group who are always able to give a hand or just lend a ear. They help each other through the good times and bad. If you are a friend, you are a friend for life. Writes Of Passion, is having a old blanket you never want to give up, you can return to it over and over again and still find a friend exactly how you remembered.

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  • Publisher: Henery Press
  • Publication date: 9/9/2014

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