little Shop of Homicide

About the book.

deniseDev Sinclair is the happy new owner of the old-fashioned shop in her small Missouri town. But if she doesn’t focus on finding the killer of her ex’s fiancée, this five-and-dime owner may find herself serving twenty-five to life… 

My Review.  Denise Swanson writes with amazing talent and genuine fits of laughter. She is the perfect cozy mystery author that will keep you turning the pages.  This new Devereaux’s Dime Store Mystery has you becoming fast friends with Dev and the sexy U.S. Marshall Jake. Ladies, you can now close your eyes and dream him up so he can come save you from anything you can think of. Little Shop of Homicide had me in fits of laughter and cheering on Dev and her friends.

About the author.

denises picDenise Swanson is the author of the Devereaux’s Dime Store mystery series, which is launching with Little Shop of Homicide, and the New York Times bestselling Scumble River mystery series. She lives in Illinois with her husband and their cool black cat Boomerang.

You can get Denise’s series of books at Barnes&Noble fine bookstores, or online at, ,

Also find the series on


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