A Christmas Gift Blog


Christmas has always been a fun and exciting time for my family. The innocent and happy looks for my children,and nieces and nephews are the greatest moments. Its a time to come together with those you don’t see everyday. In my house the aroma of the food is entangled with laughter and stories and kids playing games, even the adults will get in with it. The days in the year go by so fast, with some not slowing down to appreciate what God has giving us. We have softball games, basketball,baseball games, traveling and of course work. 

In the past few months I have had the gift of being a book reviewer. I think I finally found what I want to be when I grow up. The joy of reading started in my teens and has progressed. My sister Theresa and my mother were great readers. I feel I learned from them. I always have a book or two in my purse, never leave home without one. Now we have the joy of a ipad or a kindle or some other reading device.  I have been lucky enough to read for some great authors. This has been my greatest gift given to me. I had a wonderful experience of attending a convention. This gave me new look on what happens on the other side of a author. I have had the honor of meeting quite a few of the authors who I in years have come to adore.

The friendships I hope will be endless. Their kind words and support keep me going and staying on top of what I love to do. Sometimes its crazy and overwhelming with so many books and deadlines that they are on. I hope my reviews have done them justice. I can not thank Julie Kramer enough for her hug she gave me and her words “I’m so glad your here and you made it”. There are many I speak to be it Facebook or Twitter or even a simple Email. These authors make  me laugh, giggle out loud. I thank them for letting me see some of their daily posts into their lives. Cathy Scott, Jeff Cohen, Ritter Ames, Helen Smith, Laura Taylor, Dane Lagwig, RJ Parker, Kathryn Casey. All the cozy authors, Mary Anne Edwards, Victoria Laurie,Denise Swanson Stybr,(so many more i would be here forever) your friendship, books and giggles make my day. Thank you for giving me the greatest Christmas ever!!!  Ashen White and Kriss Morton, you both have come to be a huge part of my life- my sisters in every way.  Leigh Russell, I look forward to when we finally meet, Girfriend your better than all the topping on ice cream. Always Marie.

P.S Eddie Vega, you are the go to man. You keep me grounded,your advice and friendship I hope lasts with every enduring conversation. I look forward to being your shadow with bringing me into my second love of photography. I simply can’t wait.


3 thoughts on “A Christmas Gift Blog

  1. Thank you so much for your praise, Marie!
    Writers are blessed when readers are like you and your sister!
    Sending hugs, warmest regards, and Merry Christmas wishes!

  2. AWWWW you are SO awesome! I am so happy when I see a new blogger come out and take the first step. Being a reviewer takes guts, and that my dear you have in spades! Keep being beautiful!

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